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Dellinger Studio is a professional music production services studio.

We provide state-of-the-art music production, mixing and mastering.


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Aki Bergen
Aki Bergen
Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Multi-gold and platinum selling music producer, mixer, mastering engineer and mixing instructor

Musically born in Andrea Prezioso studios, where learns the basics for a solid career and defines his inner impulse for electronic music.
Since 1997 produces a long list of records, studies electronic music production techniques, and learns the secrets of mixing and mastering with great masters in Italy and abroad.
In 2007 wins the Gold Record in France with “Holly Dolly – Dolly Song” with more then 300.000 singles and almost 1 million copies sold worldwide. Same year gets to #1 on chart sales in Spain with “Tata Golosa”.
Has produced, composed, mixed and remixed songs for Dannii Minogue, Sky TV, Shara Nelson from Massive Attack, AmPm, Goldfish, RAI, Mediaset Ralphi Rosario, DJ Satomi, We Rabbitz, Oscar G., Honey Dijon, Rah Band, Moonbeam just to name a few.

Producer, Sound Designer

Musician, music producer                                                                                                                                                


Andrea Codini (Crömic) is a music producer and sound designer who brings many styles that formed himself over the years professionally and artistically as well. He attended many courses of music production and then graduated in “Electronic Music Production”. He became passionate about the countless techniques of “Field Recording” that make his productions extremely original and organic, from unworldly patterns passing through raw and haphazard rhythmic sounds.


Singer, Lyricist, Producer, Artist Management, Marketing Coordinator and Operations Manager

Multi-gold and platinum selling music producer


Over the course of her career as vocalist and producer she has established herself as one of the most promising names of the dance music scene; but prior to becoming a dance producer, she built an extensive experience as producers of other genres through several tracks ranging in genres, topping charts in several countries.

She worked as producer with many important labels like Ultra, Universal, Atlantic, Armada, Time, Kontor, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Spinning, Superstar, Rise, Vidisco to name a few and toured all over the world as artist/dj.

Other than a talented singer/songwriter and producer, she is also a savvy manager and runed Plus39 Group and then Rabbitland management companies in the last few years.

Federico Luyo
Federico Luyo
Music Producer, Art Director

Music producer & Art Director for the most hyped labels and artists                                                                                                                                                


Main and central figure behind the meteoric rise of Double Cheese Records, Luyo (real name Federico Luglio) and his team of reputable and up and coming DJs/Producers have been one of the compelling stories to unfold in the House music scene over the past years.

Has worked with and remixed the likes of Gil Scott-Heron, Jocelyn Brown, Kerri Chandler, DJ Spen, Opolopo, Barbara Tucker, Jutty Ranx, Moblack, York and produced #1 sales chart releases in Soulful House, Afro House and Soul/Funk/Disco music genres.

As Art Director and Graphic Designer is behind the restyle of iconic House music DJs Tony Humphries and Lenny Fontana, and collaborations with many music events, artists and labels, such as N’dinga Gaba, Ricky Morrison, Quantize Recordings and Ministry Of Sound.


Mattia Gresta
Mattia Gresta
Producer, Mixing, Mastering Engineer

Marketing expert




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These are some of the iconic electronic and dance music labels we have worked with, producing mixes, mastering or design services. Consult our Portfolio or Join the Pro.



We are currently offering these services

photo_2020-02-20_16-34-16 MIXING

During this process, the goal is to balance dynamics, sound color and effects to give your listener an optimal and outstanding experience.This service is meant everybody that want to get to the next level with their sound or everyone that needs to outsource the mixing of their productions. All processing happens analogue and is sampled at high resolution.

photo_2020-02-20_16-39-58DIGITAL MASTERING

Digital stereo mastering is achieved with just one audio file thru the professional use of world-class plugins. We will enhance your song to give you the optimum balance and loudness. If you are happy with your mix and want that amazing final touch to give your track clarity and punch then a stereo master will be perfect for you.

photo_2020-02-20_16-39-51ANALOG MASTERING

Analog stereo mastering is achieved with just one audio file thru our analog outboards that include top-of-the-line equalizers and compressors. We will enhance your song to give you the optimum balance and loudness. If you are happy with your mix and want that amazing final touch to give your track clarity and punch then a stereo master will be perfect for you.

photo_2020-02-20_16-39-51STEM MASTERING

With stem mastering, you’ll send us groups of audio tracks from the project. This gives us greater control over the final result and will give you better results. This is because we can fine tune the main elements of your mix to perfection in our neutral listening environment and world-class plugins.


We provide analog and digital recording services. We work with different musical genres: Trap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Dance, Rock, Pop and Acoustic just to name a few. 

When recording at our production studio you will obtain a vast variety of sounds thanks to the magic skills of our engineers and producers as well. Our goal is to work with you in order to achieve the perfect sound you’re looking for.

photo_2020-02-20_16-40-06EDITING AND VOCAL TUNING

We also work with Audio Editing, Vocal Tuning and Vocal Restoration.

Our love for music has helped musicians and artists for the last decade. We aim at giving our refined works an international value for all of our customers and collaborators.



Selected Portfolio

photo_2020-02-13_21-18-30 Jutty Ranx Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-01-31 Honey Dijon Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-01-24 Barbara Tucker Mastering · Mixing · Production Krista Youngs Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-01-15 Julia Ross Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-01-11 Ralphi Rosario Mastering · Mixing · Production
m3o7fh272r0grkf6x31u Aqua Diva Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-00-43 Fragma Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-19-47 Tomcraft Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-18-11 The Rah Band Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-16-27 We Rabbitz Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-15-08 Ampm Mastering · Mixing
db1e7eb5551bdca3d1850de28eead5da2446287e Goodluck Mastering · Mixing · Production
nicky Nicky Romero Mastering · Mixing
photo_2020-02-13_20-12-21 Coolio Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-10-54 Shara Nelson Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-10-18 Jason Mraz Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-10-11 Anastacia Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-10-06 Boy George Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-18-06 DJ Satomi Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-01-05 Marcela Morelo Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-20_16-05-13 Luyo Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-00-49 Miguel Migs Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_20-07-04 Holly Dolly Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-13_21-00-54 Dannii Minogue Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-20_16-04-45 Spellband Mastering · Mixing
photo_2020-02-20_19-00-15 Goldfish Mastering · Mixing · Production
photo_2020-02-20_16-05-06 DJ Spen Mixing · Production


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